SAAB Blackbird Commercial


Anonymous Content Director Joseph Kosinski in collaboration with VFX Supervisor Robert Nederhorst and Speedshape/LA have created a stunning commercial visualizing SAAB’s Aero-X Concept Car. This is the highly lauded car that debuted last February at the Geneva Motor Show with a 180 degree windshield that lifts up and forward for accessibility, akin to a jet fighter cockpit canopy.

Brilliant continuity between live action and CG scenes, beautiful environment design and a robotic companion complement the Aero-X. The latter is a nice touch as it reacts to the approaching car, a fascinating cross between the Aero-X and a bulldog. Jeffrey Kosinski’s remix of Nina Simone’s Blackbird tops it off.

Many of the creative staff, myself excluded, are the same team that worked on Kosinski’s Mezzo commercials at Sway Studio.

View the spot at

A microsite on the Aero-X by studio Smoke and Mirrors and produced by Perfect Fools was launched mid last year.


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