Fearless Yachts & Porsche Design


Crockett and Tubbs would feel at home in this first collaboration between Fearless Yachts and Porsche Design.

I’m a long time admirer of Porsche Design Group. Their work is the epitome of slick minimalist design and I’ve always been impressed with their manipulation of metals. This is no exception.

The first boat, Model 28, debuted at the Miami International Boat Show in February. It has a speed of 80+MPH, with a range of 164 miles at half that speed. It’s powered by a 525 hp Dodge Viper Engine. Makes one wonder if they’re planning an amphibious car akin to the convertible Aquada Sports Amphibian.

Four more models are planned through 2010 with increasing lengths up to 150 ft. (Model Numbers denote length). I’m sure Crockett’s pet alligator, Elvis would find these spacious upcoming models appealing.


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