Raines Opening Sequence

A month ago NBC launched the mid season drama Raines starring Jeff Goldblum as the titular detective. Airing 9pm EST on Fridays, Raines suffers from post traumatic stress disorder and hallucinates the homicide victims he investigates, his perception of them evolving as the investigation progresses.

Especially noteworthy is the inspired opening title sequence, perhaps the best since A52’s designs for HBO’s Carnivale and Rome. Considering Executive Producer Graham Yost’s previous series Boomtown had an equally creative introduction, it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The camera orbits around Detective Raines driving a car at night. It’s a gritty and noirish presentation. Different views of LA reflecting off the windows, each housing a separate credit in neon blue. Within the vehicle his hallucinations manifest around him, becoming increasingly more severe, each hallucination realized with well timed reveals.

Imaginary Forces who handled the opener for Boomtown was my initial guess as to which studio was behind this sequence. However the heavy VFX involved reminded me of Stargate Digital, partly due to their work on USA Network’s The Dead Zone. Surely enough it’s the latter as Stargate Digital’s CEO/Founder Sam Nicholson is credited for the Main Titles.

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