Postcard Visions of the Future


One of the early fads produced by industrialization was the postcard. Only fitting that some would depict cities and societies of the future. Clearly extrapolated from existing technology and designs, these transportation centric concepts were chaotic and exaggerated. More fantastical than visionary, one of the more recognizable examples is from the series, Boston in the Future. That collection of postcards printed by the Reichner Brothers in 1910/1911 are held by the Boston Public Library.

A more fascinating set circa 1900 depicts future Moscow. Brief prophetic glimpses reside within immense detail in these postcards published by Einem and housed in the State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia.

Eight images from this series are being showcased at the blog, Dark Roasted Blend. Amidst the congestion, one vehicle resembles a future Formula One car. Note the ladder firetruck and the Aerosans, propellor-powered snowmobiles, visualized arguably a decade or more before they were actually realized.

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