The Spider-Man Chronicles


Ahead of its official May 1st street date release in the United States, bookstores including, Barnes & Noble and Borders are carrying The Spider-Man Chronicles: The Art and Making Of Spider-Man 3.

It’s a more significant tome than most books of this genre, reminiscent of The Art of the Matrix in its uncluttered hard-bound presentation with a higher than usual price tag of $50. Especially unique is that its written by one of the film’s Producers, Grant Curtis.

The Spider-Man Chronicles leans more toward being a Making Of Volume versus an Art book. Yet there are contributions from the Art & Costume Departments and VFX artists with a sizeable section dedicated to Production Design.

The NY Daily News is running an exclusive article by Grant Curtis that provides a glimpse into the book’s content. New York residents can also have their copies signed by the Producer and listen to a reading on Tuesday May 1st, 7pm at the Astor Place Barnes & Noble, coincidentally a block from NYU’s Tisch Film School.


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