Visual Futurist: The Art & Life of Syd Mead

Last year’s documentary by Director Joaquin Montalvan on the world’s most famous concept designer, Syd Mead, is now available on DVD.

This star studded documentary features in depth observations from Syd himself, but also the amazing cast of leading designers and producers around the globe. Featured are: Steven Lisberger, Richard Taylor, Bob Gurr, Chuck Jordan, James Knight, Gene Winfield, C. Orval Selders, Roger Servick, Paul M. Sammon, Michael Deeley, Katherine Haber, Nathan Proch, and Dyan Sublett. Listen to Syd Mead recall his influences and life tales of working on some of the largest projects the world has ever undertaken. Travel through the film projects such as Blade Runner and TRON with those who made the dream a reality behind the scenes.

Purchase the DVD and view the trailer at Syd Mead’s official site.

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