Last week GE’s Ecomagination celebrated its two year anniversary.

According to CEO Jeffrey Immelt, Ecomagination will “blow away” its 2010 sales goal of $20 billion with an already $50 billion backorder for products and services and $12 billion in earnings for 2006. Being eco-friendly has proven tremendously profitable, also evidenced by Toyota recently attaining the top spot in U.S. quarterly car sales for the first time, surpassing long-time stalwart General Motors. To a great extent this was accomplished by their pioneering hybrids led by the enormously popular Prius. Spreading the conservation image has been vital to attaining success for both companies.

GE’s broad marketing campaign began in 2005 with diverse projects ranging from an installation and brand video by NYC boutique studio Tronic to Singing in the Rain (below), a commercial featuring a Gene Kelly inspired dancing baby elephant from BBDO and realized by NYC studio Quiet Man.

At the end of January, GE launched a new Ecomagination website developed by SyrupNYC. The clean design instills serenity with beautiful watercolor paintings by Ariadne Binderl, supplemented by animated flourishes. In conjunction with the website, GE commissioned several short films directed by SyrupNYC’s co-founder Jakob Daschek and produced by Kate Cunnigham. These beautifully shot shorts narrated by Kevin Kline, exhibit extreme shallow depth of field, producing a surprising filmic look despite being shot with a P2 digital camera. Interestingly accomplished using the rotating ground glass trick as seen in RedRock Micro’s M2 adapter. View GE’s conservation initiatives at

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