Jen Stark – July Exhibitions


Artist Jen Stark whose paper sculptures were previously covered at, will be displaying new work this month at exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles and Miami.

Tiger in a Tropical Storm
Riviera Gallery / Williamsburg Brooklyn
Opening Reception Thursday July 12, 7-10 pm
July 12-August 5, 2007
103 Metropolitan Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11211

“The works in Tiger in a Tropical Storm concentrate on the subject matter of exotic flora and fauna. Each artist in the show created works in the spirit of freedom and exploration, bringing to mind the works of Henri Rousseau. The title “Tiger in a Tropical Storm” comes from a Rousseau painting of exactly that- a tiger caught in a tropical storm.

“Tiger in a Tropical Storm” features works by the following artists: Deedee Cheriel, Hirokazu Takahashi, Jen Stark, Jenny Firrlfe, Matt Leines, Molly Landreth, Richard Colman, Ryan Foerster, Taylor McKimens.”

Life Size
Scion Installation Gallery / L.A.
Opening Reception Saturday July 7, 7-10 pm
July 7- July 28, 2007
3521 Helms Avenue (at National), Culver City, CA 90232
Free Valet Parking

“Curated by Francesco LoCastro. Featuring: Esao Andrews, Grant Barnhart, FEEDtank, R. Grimes, Ronald Kurniawan, LEBO, Francesco LoCastro, Roy Miranda, Manny Prieres, Christopher Ryniak, Josh Slater, Nathan Spoor, Jen Stark.”

CONFLUENCE: A Collaboration
Fredric Snitzer Gallery / Miami, FL
Opening Reception Saturday July 14, 7-10 pm
July 14- August 3
2247 NW 1st Place, Miami, FL 33127

“Back by popular demand, a second coming of a greater number of artists will collaborate amongst themselves in an event that opens at the Fredric Snitzer Gallery from 7:30 to 10 pm on July 14th, 2007. Expanding upon the successes and failures of the 2005 summer show held at the Bas Fisher Invitational, this summer will see the work of several of Miami’s best artists in a carefully executed group show. Unlike the chaotic experimentation of 2005, the goal has shifted towards more developed works of art. Nevertheless, artists are by no means sticking to their own styles or formulas. Instead, by engaging in a reactive decision process with the other, roles are traded, dialogue ensues and magic happens…

Collaborators: Aja Albertson, Kevin Arrow, Daniel Arsham, Hernan Bas, Bhakti Baxter, Loriel Beltran, Samuel Albert Borkson, Ramona Boucher, Timothy Buwalda, Robert Chambers, Westen Charles, Susan Lee Chun, COOPER, N.B. Dash, Aiden Dillard, Jim Drain, John Espinosa, Jason Ferguson, Jesse Fleming, Paul Gaeta, Jacin Giordano, Adler Guerrier, Jason Hedges, Jay Hines, Thomas Hollingworth, Austin Horton, Kathleen Hudspeth, Jiae Hwang, Ricky Jimenez, Samantha Kruse, Karelle Levy, Alvaro Ilizarbe, Nick D. Lobo, Chris Miro, Victor Muñiz, Upahar Neiburger, Daniel Newman, Brandon Opalca, Martin Oppel, Ali Prosch, Nicholas C. Raftis III, Tao Rey, David Rohn, Arturo “Tury” Sandoval III, Tom Scicluna, Diego Singh, TM Sisters, Fred Snitzer, Kol Solthon, Jen Stark, Michael Vasquez, Michelle Weinberg.”

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