Walking on 33rd & 8th in NYC, the above image is hard to miss. It’s plastered across an entire building facade. This new ad campaign for Motorola stars Formula One racecar driver Danica Patrick, highlighted in a dramatic Flash microsite designed by agency, DraftFCB and directed by Jason Koxvold. Invited to handle 3D Animation & Visual Effects duties for the microsite, I decided to collaborate with talented Prague based VFX studio, imagesFX, to deliver within the tight schedule.

In the Motodanica microsite, Danica Patrick offers insight into her indycar and a trifecta of Motorola bluetooth gear. You even have the chance to win “her other car”, a Danica customized 2007 Honda Civic Si Sedan with the same slick blue & black stylings.

Easter Egg: To access a brief hidden sequence introduced by Danica Patrick and animated by imagesFX, type ‘burn’ and hit enter once the MotoDanica site is fully loaded.


Creative Director: Luke Bailey
ACD/Director: Jason Koxvold
Producer: John McAdorey
AD: Takuji Maeda, Colin McNamara
Writers: Tina Whelski, Seth DeCroce
Flash: Drew Ziegler
Account: Dafna Gabbay
PM: Stephen Carpi, David Kincaid
Sound: Joel Stearns
Production: Believe Media
VFX Producer/Digital Artist: Oliver Zeller
VFX by imagesFX
VFX Supervisor: Jan Rybar
Digital Artists: Marek Denko, Hynek Pakosta, Peter Sanitra







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