Creative Arts Emmy Nominations


On Thursday morning, The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced their nominations for the 2007 Primetime & Creative Arts Emmy Awards.

I’ve never given much credence to the Primetime Emmy Awards. Its selection process is inherently flawed. One cannot judge a 10 to 24 episode series based on a single episode. This is further compounded by bias shown toward certain individuals, popular programs and an aversion to science fiction. These problems reached a breaking point last year when Oscar winner Ellen Burstyn received an Emmy nomination for a mere 14 second appearance in “Mrs. Harris”.

The Television Academy has taken steps to rectify these problems in recent times, though this year’s nominations remain somewhat dubious, evident in the selections for Outstanding Drama series. Boston Legal, Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes, House and The Sopranos are all quality selections but some clearly not at the expense of The Wire, Battlestar Galactica, Rome, Deadwood, Dexter, Lost or The Shield.

Battlestar Galactica is a Hugo & Peabody Award winner and has been selected as the best show on television by TIME Magazine, Rolling Stone & New York Newsday. It was one of AFI’s top ten Television Programs the previous two years. The Wire is also a two time AFI selection, Peabody Award winner, and has been named the best show on television by TIME Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Slate, The Guardian, Chicago Tribune and more. In their entire history, these two highly topical shows have received only one nomination in any key category (The Wire for writing).

Snubs abound in the acting categories too. One grave ommission was Katheryn Winnick’s guest role in the House M.D. episode, “One Day, One Room” where for the first time a guest stole the show from Hugh Laurie. The episode demanded it, however having watched Mr Laurie in other roles, its still quite an accomplishment.

The Creative Arts Emmys are typically better selected for understandable reasons. This year is no exception. Historical dramas were dominant in the visual categories. Deadwood received nominations for Outstanding Art Direction, Costumes & Cinematography as did Rome which added a nomination for Visual Effects. Showtime’s The Tudors and another new series, Ugly Betty, also garnered nominations for Art Direction and Costumes. offers a behind the scenes look into the set design, costumes and props for Rome replete with over sixty photos and production sketches of the mammoth sets staged at Rome’s Cinecittá Studios. They give equal treatment to Deadwood with an interactive Set Tour & Costumes section. Highly recommended! features a four part video extra, The Royal Stylemakers hosted by Gabrielle Anwar. Like Ugly Betty’s Fashion & Style videos, it’s a fluff piece yet still provides wonderful insight into the show’s terrific costume designs.

Visit for a complete list of the nominees.

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