This year’s exhibition is best defined as the year of motion capture with seemingly dozens of exhibitors offering a variety of new solutions. These new technologies suggest the need for traditional mocap suits sporting markers is ending. More systems also incorporated facial motion capture resulting in complete performance capture, most prominently seen in 2004’s Robert Zemeckis and Tom Hanks headlined film, The Polar Express. Standout motion capture technologies included Mova’s Contour Reality Capture, Organic Motion’s Stage series and XSens Technologies Moven.

More headlines from SIGGRAPH…

Digital Content Creation Marketplaces are rising to compete against market leader Turbosquid. One newcomer, Flat Pyramid, launched in January.

eyeon Software announced a 64 bit version of their compositing package Fusion.

Massive Software’s renowned crowd animation tools Massive Prime & Massive Jet, originally developed by WETA for Lord of the Rings, is now at version 3.0 and has finally made the transition to Windows. Massive was previously restricted to the Linux OS.

Plug-in pick of the show goes to RE:Vision Effects DE:Noise filter, for easy removal of grain, noise and other visual defects. Compatible with After Effects, Combustion, Fusion, Final Cut Pro and more, DE:Noise has an introductory price of $99.95 through September 30th.

SIGGRAPH Encore debuted this year offering recorded presentations via quicktime for purchase. Unfortunately several high profile sketches and special sessions were not included due to rights issues, but there’s still plenty of material to be found.

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