The Art of Midway


In late July at the San Diego Comic-Con, Design Studio Press debuted The Art of Midway: Before Pixels and Polygons. This book on the video game developer features 160 pages with over 200 illustrations including work by Midway’s renowned Creative Visual Director Stephan Martiniere. It’s a nice balance of conceptual character and environment art from Mortal Kombat, Gauntlet, The Suffering, Stranglehold, Psi-Ops and work from unrealized games.

The work for John Woo’s Stranglehold, slated to ship within a month, is especially appealing. The concept art for this computer game sequel to Woo’s classic Hong Kong action film Hard Boiled starring Chow Yun-Fat, is beautifully rendered and worth the price of admission alone.

Artists featured include Tae young Choi, Tony Goskie, Roel Jovellanos, Jason Kaehler, Pav Kovacik, Angie Lai, Luis Mangubat, Stephan Martiniere, Ryan Meinderding, Murphy Michaels, Martin Murphy, Mike Nichols, Ben Olsen, Vince Proce, Mary Qian, Jung Park, Chip Sineni, Garrett Smith, Todd Uyeminami and Bruno Werneck. Midway’s Art Department also includes Art Project Manager Lee Helmer and Art Researcher Michaelene Zawacki.


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