Towards a Cineplastic Architecture


MARK Magazine #9 dedicates a section to new perspectives on the relationship between architecture and film, spurred by advances in digital technologies. Tino Schaedler, Art Director for Digital Sets (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix), and his Studio Digital Analog co-founder, Michael J. Brown, explore this theme in Towards a Cineplastic Architecture.

In an online exclusive, the article has been made available here at in its entirety courtesy Tino Schaedler and MARK Magazine Editor Arthur Wortmann.

Complementing this article, issue 9 has a feature on architecture in science fiction films from BLDGBLOG founding Editor Geoff Manaugh, with work by concept designers Ryan Church (Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith), James Clyne (Minority Report), Mark Goerner (X-men 2) and Ben Procter (Transformers). The extension of cineplastic architecture into virtual interactive worlds is supplemented by an interview with Stefan Doesinger, creator of the Annual Architecture & Design Competition in Second Life.

MARK Magazine #9 is available now in select stores worldwide or preview and purchase the issue at

Without further ado, read the PDF of, Towards a Cineplastic Architecture.


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