Peugeot Design Competition


In 2000, Peugeot launched an annual car design competition, and this year received 4000 project submissions from automotive design enthusiasts in 87 countries.

All entrants pursued the theme P.L.E.A.S.E. (Pleasurable to Drive, Lively, Efficient, Accessible, Simple, Ecological), with the highest accolade agreeably awarded to student Mihai Panaitescu for his concept, Flux. A physical prototype of the car will be unveiled later this month at the Frankfurt Motor Show, September 13 – 23.

flux03.jpg 2007 Great Winner – Flux – Mihai Panaitescu

njooy.jpg 2007 2nd Winner – N Jooy – Wesley Saikawa

allscape.jpg 2007 3rd Winner – Allscape – Gustavo Ferrero

moovie01.jpg 2005 Great Winner – Moovie – André Costa

4002.jpg 2003 Great Winner – 4002 – Stefan Schulze

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