Visual Effects, Design & Asset Management firm Speedshape, recently relaunched their website with a complete makeover. Founded in 2003, Speedshape quickly became known for their efficient CAD to VFX automotive translation pipeline. A year ago Speedshape expanded into the LA market, opening shop with Rob Nederhorst (Digital Domain, Sway Studio) as VFX Supervisor. Their best known work; the sublime SAAB Aero X short film Blackbird directed by Joseph Kosinski, and the GMC Sierra commercials that frequented the airwaves this past summer.

Particularly interesting, is the wealth of animatics, storyboard and concept art hosted in their broadcast and interactive portfolio, a rarity for studio websites. When visiting the Speedshape website, be sure to left click, hold and drag on the stills, previz and storyboard panes to see all the content.

speedshape04.jpg Concept Art from Chevy Nation Website by Speedshape.


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