Everything Changes

After five years, the original ArTect.net design and MediaTemple server have been retired and archived here to wordpress.com.

Its been a long time coming. My absence from ArTect.net in recent years was borne by the pursuit of my own creative projects and partnership with NAU. While I  continue to write on architecture and design in media, I’ve done so principally for the renowned architecture magazine MARK with Cross Section columns on architecture in film and games that you can now read here on ArTect.

The expense of maintaining the server and an inability to easily upgrade ArTect.net without breaking the careful formatting made the transition from a custom site inevitable.

For posterity, I’ve appended a screenshot of the original ArTect.net web design. I built the site gradually over the course of several months using the K2 framework atop WordPress along with extensive customization & scripting and countless third-party plug-ins; a particular shout-out to the developers of ContuttoPDF, Dagon Design Form Mailer and Header Image Rotator. Creating such clean alignments across multiple browsers proved quite the challenge. Many thanks to all those developers.

Also a special thanks to Eve Kushner and Tino Schaedler (with Alice Charlotte and Michael Brown) for their written contributions. When I first conceived ArTect.net, it was my intention to bring other writers aboard, even add a video channel, and while neither eventuated it was great to present online exclusive material from you both.

The move to wordpress.com has brought a new aesthetic, one I currently have little control over, but all posts and images have transitioned intact. I recommend Instapaper as an alternative to the now defunct PDF save function. The books section remains accessible via http://astore.amazon.com/artect-20 and the site roll is available in the preceding post. Another former sidebar feature, the Featured Post, linked to ArTect.net: A Year of Articles – an ideal starting point to access earlier articles beyond the first few pages.

Signing off,

Oliver Zeller

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2 Responses to Everything Changes

  1. Dwisha Nagar says:

    I ended up on your blog a couple weeks ago and I
    absolutely can not get enough! Please keep writing!

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