9 Tips On How To Choose A Backpack

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Backpacks are designed for those who do not think of their lives without movement. If you love to travel, strive to constantly move forward and are obsessed with freedom – a quality backpack is exactly what you need. If you wear a backpack – your hands are always free, it is comfortable and convenient. The backpack is especially convenient for schoolchildren, as well as for young people who prefer to spend their free time actively. Excursions, walks, trips or even climbing Mount Everest – all this you can do with maximum comfort, choosing a quality and practical backpack for constant use.

So, consider what to pay attention to those who are interested in buying a practical and quality backpack. We will give you nine tips to help you choose the right backpack!

9 Tips On How To Choose A Backpack

Moment One – The Backpack Should Provide Comfort!

Paying attention to this or that model, the first thing you should try it on – if it is comfortable for your back, you do not feel any discomfort, you should choose this model, continuing to analyze its disadvantages and advantages. But – remember, the feeling of comfort and convenience is in the first place, because you have to wear a backpack for a long time!

Then you should pay attention to the backpack back panel, its straps and lining. Quality backpack has, as a rule, powerful and wide straps – it will allow you to evenly distribute the load on the spine, and you will not get tired even if your backpack is loaded with things.

Backpack straps must always be adjusted with the help of special carabiners – then you can adjust their length according to your height.

Important Point #2 – A Backpack Must Be Strong!

The strength of the backpack depends on its reliability and service life. Of course, you would not want your backpack to break at the most inappropriate moment – for example, during a country trip. So when choosing a backpack, which claims to be your constant companion for the next few years, carefully examine the material from which it is made. Modern practical and quality backpacks are made of nylon-based fabrics and have reliable and durable zippers.

The inner lining can also be made of nylon materials, and polyester is no less durable. For those who plan to carry extra heavy loads in their backpack, it is worth paying attention to models made of canvas fabric or genuine leather. Such options may differ in price from nylon counterparts, but the high cost is quite consistent with the higher quality.

The most common causes of rucksack breakage are failure of zippers, breaking shoulder straps or stiff seams. When choosing a backpack, you should pay special attention to the strength of the firmware – a more reliable and durable backpack will be the one that is sewn by double seam method.

Moment One - The Backpack Should Provide Comfort!

The Third Point Worth Paying Attention To When Choosing A Backpack Is Its Waterproofness.

You may have to carry valuable things in your backpack – documents, gadgets or something else. The best option would be to choose a backpack made of waterproof material or fabric with a surface waterproof coating. Backpacks made of polyester or nylon material serve faithfully for many years – and your belongings will always be guaranteed to be dry, as these materials do not let moisture in even the strongest rains. Such backpacks are best suited for fans of long country trips.

By the way, if you do not think about your life without the constant use of gadgets – phone, tablet or laptop, it will be convenient for you to have a special pocket for electronics inside the backpack. Such pockets are usually arranged inside the backpack, have a zipper and provide reliable storage of expensive equipment during hiking and traveling.

Important Point #4 – Choose A Backpack By Size!

A backpack, which will provide you with maximum comfort and convenience while traveling, must necessarily match your size and height. You don’t need to buy a huge backpack for a junior grade child or a miniature backpack for a student of sports physique. The backpack should visually match your appearance – if you do not take this into account when buying, you risk being disappointed in your purchase after a fairly short time.

Standard sizes of backpacks are divided into small, medium and large. Choose the model that is most proportional to the size of your body – only in this case you are guaranteed comfort and convenience when wearing a backpack for a long time, even at its maximum load.

Important Point #4 - Choose A Backpack By Size!

Important Hint #5 – Choose A Backpack According To Your Needs!

First of all, you should decide for what purpose you will use the future acquisition. There are mini backpacks, called messengers – these are more suitable for teenage girls. Style of minimalism in the backpack will also be suitable for rare use during short walks – do not expect to put a huge number of things in your backpack, such models are designed for a minimum weight load.

It is also worth considering at what time of year you plan to use the future purchase – for year-round use is quite suitable backpack made of tarpaulin material, which can confidently withstand any rainfall. Backpack made of nylon material or polyester will suit fans of cycling, because it is lightweight, durable and will not become an additional burden for the cyclist.

There are rucksacks, which can be called universal – in their development, the manufacturer took into account all the qualities that are important to modern man. Universal backpacks are spacious and durable, equipped with reliable wide straps and practical zippers. Such backpacks have a lot of pockets, compartments and are equally suitable for both junior schoolchildren and travelers who prefer extreme adventures in a variety of weather conditions.

Advice #6 – Important For Everyone!

The material of the backpack must meet your needs – canvas, tarpaulin, leather or synthetic materials are chosen by people with completely different life goals, different ages and sex. So be sure to consider your social status, interests and purpose of the backpack. Powerful dark-colored leather backpack will not suit a teenage girl, and a bright fabric backpack with shiny fancy clasps is not worth buying as a gift to a guy-student.

Backpacks made of tarpaulin and canvas materials are popular among high school students and students who lead an active lifestyle. Such material is practical, durable and does not require much care in handling.

Backpacks made of nylon material (in the manufacturer’s markings are often indicated as Cordura fabric), are suitable for travelers, cyclists and climbers. Such bags have a minimum weight, they are convenient and practical, while being absolutely resistant to external influences and premature abrasion.

Ripstop backpacks are also suitable for travel, but they can withstand even the longest distances. Such backpacks have enhanced waterproofing properties, lightweight and no less practical than backpacks made of nylon materials.

Leather backpacks – it is stylish and fashionable at any time of year, with this you can not argue. The only drawback, besides, of course, quite high price, can be called fading of leather models – but this happens not in the first season of socks, and for a fairly long time.

It is also worth knowing the advantage of backpacks made of polyester – this material is resistant to ultraviolet rays, so such bags will be an excellent choice for a bright and hot summer.

Important For Everyone!

Tip #7 – Take A Close Look At The Inside Of The Backpack!

A backpack that is completely empty inside is not the most thoughtful purchase. Even if you are satisfied with the appearance of such a model, soon enough you will be disappointed with the functionality of your purchase. It is worth choosing a backpack, which provides maximum convenience for the owner – pockets and a laptop compartment in numerous quantities will never be superfluous. With the help of these simple devices you will be able to store your belongings in place – it is very convenient both in everyday life and while traveling.

External pockets also will not hurt – they are convenient to store a bottle of water, phone or keys to the apartment. Those things that you may need every minute, should not be hidden in the inner compartments – so the presence of convenient external pockets is also important.

Tip #8 – Look At The Price!

The budget when buying a backpack is probably one of the most important moments. But it is unlikely that you will consider models that you can’t afford at all. However, it is still worth comparing the reasonableness of the price with the quality of the selected model – you should not overpay only for the fame of the brand, if the backpack is equipped with minimal advantages over the cheaper, but not so widely advertised model.

Look At The Price!

And Finally, The Advice #9 – Sense Of Style Is Important!

Each of us adheres to a certain style of clothing – your backpack must match your overall appearance. You will feel absolutely comfortable if you are dressed in a strict suit and have chosen a classic black backpack. But if you prefer lightness and bright colors in the style of clothing – choose a more informal backpack model – harmony should be in everything!

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