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Everything Changes

After five years, the original design and MediaTemple server have been retired and archived here to Advertisements

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Making a MARK

Over the past few years I’ve become a regular contributor to MARK, the avant-garde architecture magazine from the publishers of FRAME. These contributions – commentaries on architecture in film and games, several written in collaboration with Tino Schaedler  – are … Continue reading

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Original Site Roll

The transition from a custom platform to’s Vostok theme, no longer facilitates the original site roll. Related blogs and art book publisher links are instead provided through this post.

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Immersive Cocoon “2011”

Please maximize and play LOUD! Keir Dullea encounters a mysterious object, in a scenario reminiscent of the penultimate scene from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey that he appeared in over forty years ago. This speculative faux commercial, directed with … Continue reading

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An Urban Tragedy

Once perceived as the scorn of urban areas, graffiti at its best has resulted in murals that transform dull architecture and even derelict neighborhoods and decrepit walls into vibrant & appealing spaces. Graffiti is a tradition that reaches into the … Continue reading

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Behind the House of Imagination

On July 7th, The SciFi channel rebranded itself to Syfy. The new name was perhaps the most widely derided since Nintendo’s market leading Wii. Nonetheless, it appears to be paying dividends with increased viewership. Syfy’s previous identity remained intact with … Continue reading

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Emotive Architecture

Over the decades individuals have become more outward in their expression, most recently exemplified by the rise of social networks. Through their Design Probes initiative, electronics giant Philips has invested considerable resources researching technologies that afford users new modes of … Continue reading

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Road Work

Beth Kaltman and Jason Koxvold have occupations that frequently take them on the road. Beth, represented by such luminary modeling agencies as Ford Models. Jason, Creative Director at ad agency StrawberryFrog’s New York office. This road work has facilitated their … Continue reading

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Book Watch | Bioshock to Nature’s Patterns

Bioshock Breaking the Mold: Developer’s Edition Art Book “This 174 page, 8″x10″ limited run soft cover artbook, available only on the Take-Two Store, features never-before seen art from BioShock 1, stories about the game’s journey through its years of development, … Continue reading

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A New Kindgom

NBC’s Kings has proven the most fascinating new television series of the mid-season. A reinterpretation of the classic King David tale translated into modern times, monarchy intact. New York City serves as the basis for the new capital of this … Continue reading

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