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Realizing Epic Film Environments: Miniatures

At the dawn of film in 1898, miniatures proved a vital special effects tool in recreating the sinking of the Battleship Maine during the Spanish-American War. The following article offers a look at film miniature history from Metropolis to Titanic … Continue reading

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Ozone Maker

The graceful grandeur of zeppelins are a sight to behold. That they’ve vanished from our skies for almost half a century has only added to their mystique. Zeppelins have since made a burgeoning comeback, fueled further by inventive designs for … Continue reading

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Commercial Space Travel

Scaled Composites and aerospace designer Burt Rutan’s successful suborbital flights of SpaceShipOne in 2004, paved the way for commercial space travel. The following year Scaled Composites and Richard Branson’s Virgin Group created The SpaceShip company, which will initially manufacture five … Continue reading

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Strato Cruiser

Tino Schaedler, co-writer of Towards a Cineplastic Architecture, published in the latest MARK Magazine and made available in its entirety at earlier this month, has updated his website with a new project for NAU, Strato Cruiser. An Art Director … Continue reading

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787 Dreamliner Interior

On Sunday Boeing premiered its newest commercial jet in thirteen years, the 787 Dreamliner. It’s “the world’s first mostly composite commercial airplane, will use 20 percent less fuel per passenger than similarly sized airplanes, produce fewer carbon emissions, and will … Continue reading

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Last Chance to see Colani Exhibition

One of the world’s foremost industrial designers, the incomparable Luigi Colani, has a featured exhibition at the Design Museum in London. Luigi Colani: Transforming Nature will end its run on June 17 and it’s a great opportunity to see large … Continue reading

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