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Making a MARK

Over the past few years I’ve become a regular contributor to MARK, the avant-garde architecture magazine from the publishers of FRAME. These contributions – commentaries on architecture in film and games, several written in collaboration with Tino Schaedler  – are … Continue reading

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Emotive Architecture

Over the decades individuals have become more outward in their expression, most recently exemplified by the rise of social networks. Through their Design Probes initiative, electronics giant Philips has invested considerable resources researching technologies that afford users new modes of … Continue reading

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A New Kindgom

NBC’s Kings has proven the most fascinating new television series of the mid-season. A reinterpretation of the classic King David tale translated into modern times, monarchy intact. New York City serves as the basis for the new capital of this … Continue reading

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Book Watch | Orientalists

During the nineteenth century, European and American artists flocked to Eastern cultures, from Morocco to India. Their works fueled the exotic and mythical perception of the Orient with cinematic depictions of islamic culture that continue to influence the arts today. … Continue reading

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Gaming’s Repurposed Spaces

Since the turn of the century, repurposed spaces have proliferated, spurred by 21st century cultural influences and the green initiative. It’s redefining the urban fabric, evident here in Lower Manhattan where the world’s commercial mecca has become increasingly residential since … Continue reading

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Architecture by Subtraction

We are somewhat conditioned to think of architecture via construction. Yet this isn’t always the case. In Mahabalipurum, India reside five Rathas temples, Chariots of the Gods, carved from a single to five large slabs of granite (sources vary). Known … Continue reading

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March Arrives

Down under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass (DUMBO) in Brooklyn, resides the former Grand Union Tea Company warehouse. Entering the understated foyer one is greeted by welcoming aromas from a small coffee bar, wedged next to a staircase. One that leads … Continue reading

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A Cross Section with Mark Magazine

Through issue sixteen of the superlative MARK Magazine, Tino Schaedler and Alice Charlotte have offered a commentary on the production design of Hollywood’s latest releases. In an online exclusive, three of the articles originally featured in the Cross Section … Continue reading

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Interior Morphology

The clutter within modern interiors has created a disjointed occupation of space. The bulk of modern devices from televisions to air conditioners consume valuable real estate while negatively influencing aesthetics. Unsightly cords and cables tether us to walls. Even seamless … Continue reading

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As a site dedicated to architecture and design in media, I’m remiss for not having mentioned nous. “A gallery, network, and publication with an initiative to expose and promote design qualities inherent in digital media and technologies for architecture and … Continue reading

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