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IKEA to Sell Cars

Considering the proliferation of sub compact low cost cars in fast growth countries, exemplified by TATA’s venture to create a car costing a mere two and half thousand dollars, this joke is that much more ingenious. Thanks to Penn for … Continue reading

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New Image for Chevrolet

Director Joseph Kosinski has unveiled two new Chevrolet commercials at his website, Baby and Clay Model. Both feature a noteworthy congruency of poses & space. While Baby’s evolving protagonist finds herself surrounded by an industrial digital set built by Digital … Continue reading

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Hummer Selector Commercial

Joseph Kosinski, whom I worked for at KDLAB and on the Mezzo commercials, has revealed his latest directorial effort, this time for Agency Modernista! and Hummer. Now on the web and airing nationwide, see the Hummer transform and shift from … Continue reading

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Peugeot Design Competition

In 2000, Peugeot launched an annual car design competition, and this year received 4000 project submissions from automotive design enthusiasts in 87 countries. All entrants pursued the theme P.L.E.A.S.E. (Pleasurable to Drive, Lively, Efficient, Accessible, Simple, Ecological), with the highest … Continue reading

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Mazda’s Revolutionary Design

Nagare, Japanese for flow. This is the design philosophy behind Mazda’s recent concept cars. Last year’s Nagare followed by Ryuga and Hakaze that debuted respectively at the 2007 Detroit North American International Auto Show and Geneva Motor Show. None of … Continue reading

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Walking on 33rd & 8th in NYC, the above image is hard to miss. It’s plastered across an entire building facade. This new ad campaign for Motorola stars Formula One racecar driver Danica Patrick, highlighted in a dramatic Flash microsite … Continue reading

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Yesterday, Warner Bros. Pictures released images of the Batpod motorcycle from next Summer’s Batman Begins sequel, The Dark Knight. Despite its curious mechanics, this is a drivable vehicle. Flanking the Batpod behind the front wheel are two elevated stirrup like … Continue reading

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Last Chance to see Colani Exhibition

One of the world’s foremost industrial designers, the incomparable Luigi Colani, has a featured exhibition at the Design Museum in London. Luigi Colani: Transforming Nature will end its run on June 17 and it’s a great opportunity to see large … Continue reading

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Siemens Pictures of the Future

Since 2001, Siemens R&D Division has published a bi-annual magazine for research and innovation. The magazine, Pictures of the Future, is available in English or German via downloadable pdf or mail. Siemens currently offers a free copy of their latest … Continue reading

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SAAB Blackbird Commercial

Anonymous Content Director Joseph Kosinski in collaboration with VFX Supervisor Robert Nederhorst and Speedshape/LA have created a stunning commercial visualizing SAAB’s Aero-X Concept Car. This is the highly lauded car that debuted last February at the Geneva Motor Show with … Continue reading

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