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Realizing Epic Film Environments: Miniatures

At the dawn of film in 1898, miniatures proved a vital special effects tool in recreating the sinking of the Battleship Maine during the Spanish-American War. The following article offers a look at film miniature history from Metropolis to Titanic … Continue reading

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Through Lost’s Looking Glass

Tonight ABC will re-air (9pm EST) an annotated version of Lost’s season 3 two hour finale, Through the Looking Glass, in anticipation of tomorrow’s season premiere. Worse than Devil’s Island in French Guiana, the imprisoning island of Lost also serves … Continue reading

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Ocean Arcologies

The notion of cities condensed into a singular structure or hyperstructure, has frequented works of fiction as far back as 1899 with H.G. Wells, When the Sleeper Wakes. The concept garnered wider attention seventy years later when Architect Paolo Soleri … Continue reading

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Falkirk Wheel

Many of the world’s canals are exceptional feats of engineering. It is a rarity when they also offer inspirational design. One such example is Falkirk Wheel, the world’s only rotating boat lift that reconnects Union Canal to Forth & Clyde … Continue reading

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Fearless Yachts & Porsche Design

Crockett and Tubbs would feel at home in this first collaboration between Fearless Yachts and Porsche Design.

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