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Everything Changes

After five years, the original design and MediaTemple server have been retired and archived here to Advertisements

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Original Site Roll

The transition from a custom platform to’s Vostok theme, no longer facilitates the original site roll. Related blogs and art book publisher links are instead provided through this post.

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Immersive Cocoon “2011”

Please maximize and play LOUD! Keir Dullea encounters a mysterious object, in a scenario reminiscent of the penultimate scene from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey that he appeared in over forty years ago. This speculative faux commercial, directed with … Continue reading

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Behind the House of Imagination

On July 7th, The SciFi channel rebranded itself to Syfy. The new name was perhaps the most widely derided since Nintendo’s market leading Wii. Nonetheless, it appears to be paying dividends with increased viewership. Syfy’s previous identity remained intact with … Continue reading

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Last month’s debilitating hack overshadowed the one year anniversary of Plans to celebrate this milestone have been oft delayed due to my continued presence in Morocco working on next Summer’s Prince of Persia film. Further compounded by the need … Continue reading

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Ocean Arcologies

The notion of cities condensed into a singular structure or hyperstructure, has frequented works of fiction as far back as 1899 with H.G. Wells, When the Sleeper Wakes. The concept garnered wider attention seventy years later when Architect Paolo Soleri … Continue reading

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Blade Runner Design

Of the design philosophies behind Blade Runner’s indelible visuals, retrofitting was the one that remained in my mind’s eye. Blade Runner’s visual futurist, Syd Mead explains, “Things are “retrofitted” after the fact of the original manufacture because the old, consumer-based … Continue reading

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How Eugene Tsui Freed My Mind

Eve Kushner’s November Builder/Architect Magazine column, entitled a Dream World Made Real, introduces the work of seminal architect Eugene Tsui. Upon seeing his design for “Solarius” (above) many years ago, I became an instant admirer of his work and attained … Continue reading

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The Frailty of Architecture

Perhaps the greatest threat to noted historic buildings are the politics and economics of the moment. Here in New York City this is best exemplified by the destruction of the original Pennsylvania Station. This wondrous, grandiose structure designed by McKim, … Continue reading

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The Limelight on Architect Lautner Never Dies

The architectural work of John Lautner became immortalized in popular culture with the 1971 James Bond film, Diamonds are Forever. Sean Connery’s final official turn as Bond, also put on display the Lautner designed Elrod House. With all the extravagances … Continue reading

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