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Behind the House of Imagination

On July 7th, The SciFi channel rebranded itself to Syfy. The new name was perhaps the most widely derided since Nintendo’s market leading Wii. Nonetheless, it appears to be paying dividends with increased viewership. Syfy’s previous identity remained intact with … Continue reading

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A New Kindgom

NBC’s Kings has proven the most fascinating new television series of the mid-season. A reinterpretation of the classic King David tale translated into modern times, monarchy intact. New York City serves as the basis for the new capital of this … Continue reading

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Fringe Architecture

This past Tuesday, Fox launched its first new drama series of the season, Fringe. The latest endeavor from Lost co-creator J.J. Abrams in collaboration with his former Alias cohorts, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. At the vanguard of fringe science … Continue reading

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Perspective, the Journal of the Art Directors Guild & Scenic, Title and Graphic Artists has been made available for free download. The magazine offers a fascinating look at the set design and art direction behind film & television productions. Considering … Continue reading

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New Image for Chevrolet

Director Joseph Kosinski has unveiled two new Chevrolet commercials at his website, Baby and Clay Model. Both feature a noteworthy congruency of poses & space. While Baby’s evolving protagonist finds herself surrounded by an industrial digital set built by Digital … Continue reading

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Television’s Most Favored Seat

From the office of Dr. House to the interrogation room of the major case squad in Law and Order: Criminal Intent, and countless other television series, stands an iconic chair. Emeco’s classic 1006 Navy Side Chair. In production since 1944, … Continue reading

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Through Lost’s Looking Glass

Tonight ABC will re-air (9pm EST) an annotated version of Lost’s season 3 two hour finale, Through the Looking Glass, in anticipation of tomorrow’s season premiere. Worse than Devil’s Island in French Guiana, the imprisoning island of Lost also serves … Continue reading

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Transforming the Bradbury Building

Pushing Dasies | Episode: Corpsicle Blade Runner “But when Ridley decided to use the Bradbury, I was against it,” Fancher continues. “He’d come back from seeing the place with the location manager (Michael Neale) and was all excited. I told … Continue reading

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Space within Space

The illusion of a contradictory space within another urban space was arguably instigated by 3D street art, an evolution of past trompe l’œil techniques. First attributed to artist/architect Kurt Wenner and further popularized by Julian Beever, their chalk paintings use … Continue reading

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Art Directors Guild Design Presentations

The Art Directors Guild, the Hollywood guild whose members handle the production and set design for television series, films and commercials, has publicly made available select design presentations provided for their eleventh annual awards. These PDF presentations are occasionally accompanied … Continue reading

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