Top 5 Vintage JanSport Backpack

1. JanSport Cortlandt 15-inch Laptop Backpack – Rugged Vegan Leather Bag

JanSport Backpack

Company with many years of experience

We choose our friends, and time leaves the best ones. With backpacks is about the same, but a little easier, because experience matters. JanSport is a company with many years of experience in producing durable, reliable and stylish backpacks. Generations have grown and started relying on this reliable brand. More than 50 years of training in schools, work, road trips, looking for fun, freedom and adventure.

JanSport Cortlandt 15-inch Laptop Backpack accommodates an inner case for a 15-inch laptop, an organizer panel and a front zipped pocket. The free space of the backpack allows you to place all the things you need.

jansport big student backpack

Premium Leather

Fully soft back panel will perfectly protect your back from stress and will adjust to any shape. The backpack is made of high-quality fabric with trim and bottom in premium high strength vegan leather. Soft adjustable shoulder straps will distribute the weight perfectly. Excellent workmanship combines style and functionality. The carrying handle will help you carry your backpack as a comfortable and spacious bag.

jansport superbreak backpack

JanSport provides a lifetime warranty on its backpacks. Unsurpassed quality and a long history will delight connoisseurs of good things. JanSport Cortlandt 15-inch Laptop Backpack can be a great gift for both yourself and your loved ones.

jansport hatchet backpack

“Quality Backpack” Angie

“Love this! Compartments inside!” L. M. Stone

“Great quality product” AMANDA WALTERS

2. JanSport City View Backpack

purple jansport backpack

Excellent design in a classic vintage style

Smartphones, tablets, cameras, laptops and drones are more than electronic toys for adults. These are modern tools that digital craftsman cherishes. Favorite laptop can not be thrown in the first bag. The market comes to the rescue and offers many advanced urban backpacks, worthy of priceless high-tech cargo. JanSport City View Backpack fully meets the most exacting requirements in this segment of backpacks. This backpack is your answer to style on the road with enough space to carry all the things you need. In addition to the excellent functionality, the backpack has excellent design in a classic vintage style.

JanSport City View Backpack is made of high quality polyester, super strong artificial leather with polyurethane inserts for strength and durability. The polyester quality will perfectly protect your backpack from wear, scratches and moisture.

jansport mini backpack

Best comfort when using this backpack

The backpack has one large compartment and a universal zipped pocket with an organizer in front. A soft pocket for a 15 inch laptop will protect fragile electronics from damage. The carrying handle and excellent padded straps will give you the best comfort when using this backpack.

JanSport is probably the only manufacturer that gives a lifetime warranty on its backpacks. You should agree that this is the best recommendation for your purchase, much more important than all words.

JanSport City View Backpack may not be the best helper for you on a long journey, but in the hustle and bustle of the city it will be an invaluable helper for you.

black jansport backpack

“Same quality as always” marianela diaz

“Perfect.” Johnny Hidalgo

“Nothing has changed with JanSport! Great backpack” Taylor

3. JanSport Big Student Backpack – 15-inch Laptop School Pack

jansport backpack warranty

Student backpacks

Student backpacks are among the most popular. Students constantly need to have a huge number of things with them: notebooks, textbooks, pens, laptops and so on. That is why it is so important for students to have a good quality roomy backpack, and if it is still in the classic vintage style, it will be a real gift.

jansport city view backpack

JanSport Big Student Backpack has an excellent spacious interior space with a special compartment for a 15-inch laptop, two large main compartments, a folded front pocket, a zipped front secret pocket. The backpack also features an excellent mesh pocket on the side for storing bottles or umbrellas.

High quality 100% polyester

The backpack is made of high quality 100% polyester, which provides excellent durability and moisture protection.  The undoubted advantage of this backpack is the ease of washing and cleaning, which is necessary for student lifestyle.

jansport backpack dimensions

JanSport Big Student Backpack has ergonomic shoulder straps with S-shaped curves. The soft backpack provides maximum comfort. A sturdy carrying handle allows you to cope with any adversity.

The biggest plus of the backpack is the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. Undoubted confirmation of JanSport Big Student Backpack quality in unsurpassed vintage style. The backpack will be a great gift for any student or schoolboy.

jansport cool student backpack

“Super Cute” Nicole

“Great backpack” Tiffany

“Laptop and all” Susie

3. JanSport Helios 25 Backpack

jansport black backpack

Travel stylishly

Adventures should never end! This was the motto chosen by JanSport when they created the unique JanSport Helios 25 Backpack. Undoubtedly, they got a great backpack in a unique classic vintage style. You should travel not only with comfort, but also in style.

JanSport Helios 25 Backpack is equipped with a unique patented Moonlift suspension system, which allows you to distribute even the maximum weight for comfortable wearing. Magnificent comfortable soft straps will help to protect from fatigue and stress while wearing. The backpack is made of durable fabric that is easy to clean and maintain.

jansport rolling backpack

Reflective tag

The backpack allows you to put a laptop in the inner compartment 15 inches. External bottle or umbrella pockets will do the job perfectly. A compartment with an organizer for your belongings will accommodate everything you need during your trip or walk. A reflective tag will surely provide you with excellent safety on the road in the dark.

JanSport has always been a leader in backpacks for travel and active life. The biggest plus is the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty on all their products. For any traveler JanSport Helios 25 Backpack will be a great gift.

jansport right pack backpack

“Great backpack” Justin S.

“Quality, Nice Looking, Sturdy Backpack” Game Test

“Awesome Backpack” José lopez

4. JanSport Mono Superbreak Black One Size

jansport half pint backpack

A great helper in the daily bustle

Comfortable backpack with a strict classic vintage design. It may seem discreet, but you should give it a chance. JanSport Mono Superbreak is made for city, small travel and everyday tasks. A great helper in the daily bustle to have everything you need always with you.

The backpack is made of premium Cordura fabric. The bottom of the backpack is additionally reinforced to increase its durability and resistance to wear.

jansport laptop backpack

The main zipped compartment allows you to comfortably carry a 15-inch laptop, as well as all the things you need. The front zipped compartment provides quick access to the things you need.

JanSport Mono Superbre mesh shoulder straps ensure easy carrying and excellent breathability.

This backpack will surely be a great gift for anyone who needs to carry a lot of things around and have hands free at all times.

backpack jansport

“Excellent. Jansport has always been my fav backpack.” Amazongirl

“Classic Jansport” Kayla Gray

“Daughter liked” Youngatart

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