Architectural Opening of Lee-Chin Crystal


The Daniel Libeskind designed Michael Lee-Chin Crystal Building, an extension to the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, will have its Architectural Opening & Building Dedication next Saturday, June 2nd. Through June 10th, visitors will have the opportunity to “have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to enjoy Daniel Libeskind’s architectural design in its purest form throughout the building. During this period only, most of the building’s unique spaces will be empty and open to the public before installation of permanent exhibits, along with the rest of the building.”

Named after its benefactor, the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal consists of five interlocking, self-supporting prismatic structures that despite outward appearances, only attach to the surrounding historic buildings via pedestrian bridges. Free of right angles, the canted walls and windows should create an ideal and fascinating backdrop for museum displays. This unique and remarkable structure will house seven collection galleries and two special exhibition spaces in addition to other facilities.