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Reshaping the Magazine Format

pol oxygen stretch

Intriguing experimentations in the physical form of the traditional magazine have appeared recently. Notably, a conceptual magazine design from topnotch graphic designer Philipp Zurmöhle dubbed Generate Magazine and award winning Australian design magazine POL Oxygen’s recent special Stretch issue conceived by Frost Design.

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B&O Magazine

Bang and Olufsen Magazine Cover

Bang & Olufsen, perhaps the most prominent designer brand of cutting-edge audio products, has just released their 2007/2008 Collection catalog. While the brilliant ground-breaking BeoCenter 9000 along with its variants are long gone, there’s plenty to admire from the BeoCom 4 to EarSet2. Most noteworthy about the catalog, one half is the new 57 page B&O Magazine.

B&O Magazine features a variety of art and music articles that to some extent incorporate Bang & Olufsen products.

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