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Television’s Most Favored Seat


From the office of Dr. House to the interrogation room of the major case squad in Law and Order: Criminal Intent, and countless other television series, stands an iconic chair. Emeco’s classic 1006 Navy Side Chair. In production since 1944, the chair continues to gain popularity. Apparently it’s even a product of the twelve colonies, making a cameo in the reimagined Battlestar Galactica series.

“Legend has it that Wilton Dinges, who founded Emeco in 1944, actually tossed a 1006 Navy Chair out the window of a six-story building. The result? A few minor scratches. Emeco’s 77-step patented construction process was invented to satisfy a military need for lightweight, corrosion-resistant equipment” for use on aircraft carriers, submarines, etc.

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Design Now!


Last month art book publisher Taschen released Design Now!.

“Not only an in-depth exploration of contemporary design practice, this book is also a rallying call for a more sustainable approach to product design of every type, from lighting and furniture design to consumer electronic equipment, transportation, product architecture, and environmental design. Visually stunning and highly informative, Design Now! illustrates the latest work by 90 of the world’s leading designers and design-led manufacturing companies [Editor's Note: See appended for the complete list, an online exclusive], while also featuring in-their-own-words statements that give a unique insight into the nature of 3-dimensional design today. Additionally, the editors’ introductory essay authoritatively outlines the main issues facing designers, manufacturers and consumers, and offers a perceptive vision for a better way forward that focuses on the need to reduce, reuse, and recycle.”

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Design within Reach Annual Book


Earlier this month, the modern classics furniture shop Design within Reach released their Annual Book for 2008. It’s even more compact than last year’s edition, measuring a little over 6″ x 7″. A useful and practical reference book, the sharp layout and sizeable product photos are supplemented by the occasional spread offering a behind the scenes look into the furniture production process. 228 pages conclude with a thorough index.

While other furniture stores (Ligne Roset, B&B Italia) release impressive catalogs, this compact volume genuinely passes as a book rather than a traditional catalog and is printed on recycled paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).

Limited copies remain available at some DWR Studios or contact DWR online.

B&O Magazine

Bang and Olufsen Magazine Cover

Bang & Olufsen, perhaps the most prominent designer brand of cutting-edge audio products, has just released their 2007/2008 Collection catalog. While the brilliant ground-breaking BeoCenter 9000 along with its variants are long gone, there’s plenty to admire from the BeoCom 4 to EarSet2. Most noteworthy about the catalog, one half is the new 57 page B&O Magazine.

B&O Magazine features a variety of art and music articles that to some extent incorporate Bang & Olufsen products.

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Apple iPhone Review


The iPhone was back in the limelight yesterday when Apple announced a stunning $599 to $399 reduction for the 8GB model, effective immediately. The 4GB version will be phased out. Also unveiled, iPod Touch, an iPhone with complete browser and WiFi, stripped of its other communication abilities. Both will incorporate a highly sought after feature, the ability to purchase and download music directly on the device via the new iTunes Wi-Fi Music store.

Thanks to an unwavering attention to design, the iPhone manages a rare feat. It lives up to its hype.

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2007 IDEA Winners Revealed


The Industrial Designers Society of America’s, 2007 International Design Excellence Awards were just announced. The jury selected 81 winners in 14 categories ranging from furniture and ecodesign to packaging and transportation.

The sponsor Business Week has published an interactive slideshow with information on each winner.

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Naoto Fukasawa Monograph


Last week’s look at the O2 Cocoon phone referenced Naoto Fukasawa’s influence. One of Japan’s most renowned product designers, he has redefined the designs of common items through careful observation of everyday use and imaginative implementation of simple geometry and clean lines. Perhaps more than any singular designer, the famous MUJI product line embodies his design mark. Jasper Morrison encapsulates it best, “Naoto’s great skill is in combining humor, concept and function into a package, which seems so natural that it is accessible to us all immediately and without instructions.”

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Walking on 33rd & 8th in NYC, the above image is hard to miss. It’s plastered across an entire building facade. This new ad campaign for Motorola stars Formula One racecar driver Danica Patrick, highlighted in a dramatic Flash microsite designed by agency, DraftFCB and directed by Jason Koxvold. Invited to handle 3D Animation & Visual Effects duties for the microsite, I decided to collaborate with talented Prague based VFX studio, imagesFX, to deliver within the tight schedule.

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O2 Cocoon Musicphone


As the hype around Apple’s iPhone reaches a crescendo today, it seems only appropriate to look at a phone design that’s completely different.

Designed by Syntes Studio, the beautiful seamless exterior Cocoon once opened, reveals a phone interior whose design channels Jacob Jensen. Heavily influenced by Naoto Fukasawa’s Neon, its deceiving shell also hides an exterior LED display, yet the Cocoon takes a large evolutionary step imbuing character into its appealing form, and providing expanded functionality.

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Samsung Phone by Jasper Morrison


On Monday, Samsung unveiled a new mobile phone designed by leading industrial designer, Jasper Morrison.

“Simple contours and clean lines comprise this compact bar design”. It’s aesthetically pleasing, yet doesn’t quite pop like Morrison’s kitchen appliance line for Rowenta. This seems more ordinary, until its camera functionality becomes apparent.

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