Transforming the Bradbury Building


Pushing Dasies | Episode: Corpsicle


Blade Runner

“But when Ridley decided to use the Bradbury, I was against it,” Fancher continues. “He’d come back from seeing the place with the location manager (Michael Neale) and was all excited. I told him, ‘Ridley, you can’t use the Bradbury Building. I know you’re from England and you think it’s a great place, and it is a great place, but it’s already been done. Overdone. I’ve seen it already in a ton of movies. And even though I never watch TV, I’ve been told that the Bradbury’s been used for cop shows every week for the past ten years.’

“Now, I was trying to make the point that Ridley was from out of the country and didn’t realize that everyone already knew this building. But then Ridley looked at me and said, ‘Not the way I’ll do it.’ At the time I thought that was incredibly arrogant. But then I went to see Blade Runner and thought, ‘My God! Ridley was Right! No one’s ever seen the Bradbury like this before!” - FUTURE NOIR: The Making of Blade Runner by Paul M. Sammon.