Second Life


Second Life offers computer users the ability to interact in a virtual world and pursue the title’s namesake. Despite the comparatively rudimentary graphics of Second Life, it has spurned a sizeable design sector that offers everything from fashion to new locales and real estate.

Last year, The Wall Street Journal published a story on Second Life’s burgeoning fashion design industry with commercial brandnames, American Apparel and Adidas, participating. This is big business. According to Second Life creator, Linden Labs, “In August, the 20 best-selling Second Life fashion designers generated a combined $140,466 in sales”. Many designs expectedly push the boundaries, but nothing quite like Jean Paul Gaultier’s more outrageous tangible designs. Numerous sources have sprung up that specifically cover Second Life’s fashion, from Second Style to Linden Lifestyles.

Graphic novelist Warren Ellis recently published a photojournal of his “weekly haunts” in his Second Life column at Reuters. It’s a brief glimpse at Second Life’s varying architectural design that serves as a good launching point for intrepid individuals interested in seeing more.

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