Paper Sculptures


Paper has become the material of choice for several sculptors in realizing stunning diverse designs.

Jen Stark evokes M.C. Escher on LSD with her use of colored, stacked construction paper and exploration of infinite arrays. New York residents and visitors have the opportunity to see her work first hand with a solo exhibition, Primaries: New Works by Jen Stark, starting this Friday, May 18 through July 1, 2007 at LMAKProjects Williamsburg. (See article end for exhibition address & hours.)

Richard Sweeney’s sculptures are elegant explorations of form, often inspired by geometrical and natural structures. His paper sculptures have appeared in a variety of commercial mediums including album covers and recently in DKNY’s flagship London store. Richard offered a glimpse into his creative process with an untitled project still in its experimental phase, potentially slated for this September’s Tuscany based international paper festival, Cartasia.

I work with a combination of photography, 3D studio max, Autocad and hands-on model making, and I tend to bounce between these during a project, working very much in a non-linear way, often with many strands of inquiry at the same time. This particular project was kick started when I became obsessed with trees; I just couldn’t stop taking pictures of them and I was especially inspired by the repeating structure in the branches. I’d quite like to conclude this exploration with… huge tree column structures in cardboard…

Be sure to check out Richard Sweeney’s more expansive photostream of sculptural works on Flickr.

Richard Sweeney – Untitled Project | Experimental Phase Workflow



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