Free BioShock Artbook


In one week, BioShock, the highly anticipated FPS/RPG from the makers of System Shock II, will arrive on PC & XBOX 360. BioShock takes place in Rapture, an art deco underwater city built in 1946 as the “ultimate capitalistic and individualist paradise.”

Unsurprisingly, but much to my chagrin, a poll for the contents of the BioShock Limited Edition resulted in the inclusion of a Big Daddy Figurine, Making of DVD and Soundtrack CD, but no BioShock Artbook.

Elizabeth Tobey in conjunction with the BioShock team has remedied this with BioShock: Breaking the Mold, a digital art book of concept design. The sixty plus page book is available for free in two PDF’s, a smaller ebook download and a high resolution version.

It’s recommended that you skip the foreword due to spoilers at this time. Be sure to peruse the entire book, I was most intrigued by the latter half, particularly sections on the Little Sisters, Machines and Environments. Other sections cover Characters, Big Daddies (the gentleman below), Weapons and Logo design.

Download the artbook at The Cult of Rapture.


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