Jubilee Church Visualized


It’s among the finest examples of modernist and post-modernist churches in the world, joining such landmarks as Ando’s Church of the Light, Moneo’s Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels and Johnson’s Crystal Cathedral. The Jubilee Church is one of Starchitect Richard Meier’s greatest hits and a personal favorite.

As part of his thesis at Sapienza Università Di Roma, Roberto De Angelis highlights the Jubilee Church via extensive 3D animation. Captured from every conceivable angle with beautiful timelapses and dynamic breakaway animation, suitably complemented by Ennio Morricone’s stunning soundtrack to The Mission, Roberto’s ambitious effort allows the viewer to experience the Church in a new light.

In his Pritzker acceptance speech Meier stated, “My goal is presence, not illusion”. Through the art of illusion we’re afforded a new appreciation of the Jubilee Church’s presence.

View the animation via YouTube below or download the complete high resolution video. Additional stills also available.

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