Making a MARK

Over the past few years I’ve become a regular contributor to MARK, the avant-garde architecture magazine from the publishers of FRAME. These contributions – commentaries on architecture in film and games, several written in collaboration with Tino Schaedler  – are now available for reading via PDF.

Interviews of world designer Viktor Antonov (Half-Life 2) and director Joseph Kosinski (TRON: Legacy) are also included.

MARK #40 – October/November 2012 – Links Pending
Adam Stockhausen Defies Gravity (On Moonrise Kingdom)
Derek Watts Fuses Nature and Habitat (on Mass Effect 3)
Doing Entire Worlds (Viktor Antonov Interview)

MARK #39 – August/September 2012
Tadao Ando Inspires Ubisoft on a Mind Trip (On A.C.: Revelations)
Messina Creates a Cornucopia (On The Hunger Games)

MARK #38 – June/July 2012
Crowley and Church Imagine Cities on Mars (On John Carter)
Starbreeze Embarks on a City Raft (On Syndicate)

MARK #37 – April/May 2012
Tom Cruise Scales the Impossible (on Mission: Impossible 4)

MARK #35 – December/January 2012
Jacques-Belletête Reorganizes Shanghai (on Deus Ex: HR)
Jack Fisk Traps Sean Penn in Glass (on Tree of Life)

MARK #33 – August/September 2011
Sarah Greenwood Shapes the Psychological (on Hanna)

MARK #32 – June/July 2011
Kevin Thompson Adjusts New York (on Adjustment Bureau)

MARK #30 – February/March 2011
Kosinski Puts Utopia In Its Place (on TRON: Legacy)

MARK #28 – October/November 2010
Christopher Nolan Remixes Reality (on Inception)

MARK #26 – June/July 2010
Robert Stromberg Designs a Situationist Wonderland (on Alice)

MARK #25 – April/May 2010
Carter & Stromberg Produce Holistic Architecture (on Avatar)

MARK #24 – February/March 2010
KK Barrett Weaves Monsters (on Where the Wild Things Are)

build- Das Architekten-Magazin – 03/2010
More than Space, In Conversation w/ director Joseph Kosinski


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