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Making a MARK

Over the past few years I’ve become a regular contributor to MARK, the avant-garde architecture magazine from the publishers of FRAME. These contributions – commentaries on architecture in film and games, several written in collaboration with Tino Schaedler  – are … Continue reading

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Gaming’s Repurposed Spaces

Since the turn of the century, repurposed spaces have proliferated, spurred by 21st century cultural influences and the green initiative. It’s redefining the urban fabric, evident here in Lower Manhattan where the world’s commercial mecca has become increasingly residential since … Continue reading

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Architecture by Subtraction

We are somewhat conditioned to think of architecture via construction. Yet this isn’t always the case. In Mahabalipurum, India reside five Rathas temples, Chariots of the Gods, carved from a single to five large slabs of granite (sources vary). Known … Continue reading

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Power of Choice

The fundamental strength of computer games resides in choice. The player’s ability to make decisions, to direct a course of action and effect a narrative or simulation is a remarkable and distinct quality of digital games that highlights the medium’s … Continue reading

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The Witcher – Art & Architecture

One of the best computer role-playing games in years, The Witcher, also features some of the most fascinating art direction. The dark atmosphere and dilapidated world doesn’t house the grandiose architecture featured in similar games of its ilk. Yet with … Continue reading

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Game Art Books

The holiday season almost upon us, video game publishers are about to deluge the market with AAA offerings throughout November. Several highly anticipated titles will be released with accompanying artbooks, highlighting the concept design and visual development that went into … Continue reading

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Crysis Concept Art

Crysis, one of the most anticipated PC games of the year, has a bonus DVD now available with pre-orders. From the developer of Far Cry, Crysis is built on the new CryEngine2, possibly the most graphically advanced realtime 3D game … Continue reading

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HALO 3, the anticipated savior of Microsoft’s unprofitable XBOX Division, has just debuted. I’ve never had much interest in HALO. The first title, generally considered the superior effort, failed to live up to its hype. The more interesting game exteriors … Continue reading

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Free BioShock Artbook

In one week, BioShock, the highly anticipated FPS/RPG from the makers of System Shock II, will arrive on PC & XBOX 360. BioShock takes place in Rapture, an art deco underwater city built in 1946 as the “ultimate capitalistic and … Continue reading

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The Art of Midway

In late July at the San Diego Comic-Con, Design Studio Press debuted The Art of Midway: Before Pixels and Polygons. This book on the video game developer features 160 pages with over 200 illustrations including work by Midway’s renowned Creative … Continue reading

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