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Immersive Cocoon “2011″

Please maximize and play LOUD!

This spec teaser film, directed & 3D CGI by ArTect’s publisher & writer Oliver Zeller, reveals an evolution in computing interaction. Within a setting inspired by the penultimate scene from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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IKEA to Sell Cars


Considering the proliferation of sub compact low cost cars in fast growth countries, exemplified by TATA’s venture to create a car costing a mere two and half thousand dollars, this joke is that much more ingenious.

Thanks to Penn for sending this. Author unknown.

New Image for Chevrolet

Chevrolet Clay Model

Director Joseph Kosinski has unveiled two new Chevrolet commercials at his website, Baby and Clay Model.

Both feature a noteworthy congruency of poses & space. While Baby’s evolving protagonist finds herself surrounded by an industrial digital set built by Digital Domain, Clay Model was filmed at the Malibu Synagogue off Pacific Coast Highway with the final scene shot at the Irvine based Nikken Building. It’s fitting that Clay Model is accompanied by the impeccably selected Dave Brubeck Quartet’s Take Five. Kosinski has wrapped on three other Chevrolet commercials soon slated to debut.

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Space within Space


The illusion of a contradictory space within another urban space was arguably instigated by 3D street art, an evolution of past trompe l’œil techniques. First attributed to artist/architect Kurt Wenner and further popularized by Julian Beever, their chalk paintings use anamorphosis projection to create a 3D illusion when viewed from specific angles (see appended).

The realm of visual effects affords more unique opportunities as seen in the seminal 2005 Sprite commercial, Liquid Freedom. The ad was conceived by John Shaw, Simon Handford & Sylvester Song at the Hong Kong office of agency Ogilvy & Mather. Directed by Josh Taft at Gang Films, the spot features a basketball court that unexpectedly doubles as a swimming pool with visual effects by French firm BUF (famed for their digital set work in Fight Club and Panic Room).

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ATP Tennis - Feel It

ATP Roger Federer

It’s no secret that for some time the ATP Tennis tour has struggled to attain the same level of popularity enjoyed by other sports. Excluding the four annual Grand Slam tournaments, which do not fall under the ATP Tour’s jurisdiction, tennis does not have a particularly high profile despite 63 ATP Tournaments in 30 countries. In an effort to build their image, the ATP has launched a new marketing campaign “Feel It”, executed by Ad Agency TAXI.

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Sharad Haksar


The work of Chennai based photographer Sharad Haksar has already been popularized in numerous blogs. His ingenious cultural commentary and effortless transition between fine art and commercial photography deserves another mention.

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Hummer Selector Commercial

hummer selector

hummer selector

Joseph Kosinski, whom I worked for at KDLAB and on the Mezzo commercials, has revealed his latest directorial effort, this time for Agency Modernista! and Hummer. Now on the web and airing nationwide, see the Hummer transform and shift from one harsh environment to the next at

Also, check out the websites of some other creatives involved. Director of Photography Claudio Miranda, VFX by Digital Domain, Motion Graphics by GMUNK and sound design from Stimmung.



HALO 3, the anticipated savior of Microsoft’s unprofitable XBOX Division, has just debuted. I’ve never had much interest in HALO. The first title, generally considered the superior effort, failed to live up to its hype. The more interesting game exteriors were too often replaced with endlessly cloned interiors that only served to pad the game’s length, epitomized by the universally reviled Library mission. The Warthog vehicle mechanics coupled with its popular multiplayer capability was a milestone for console games, but didn’t captivate against comparable multiplayer fare on the PC. The premise was sufficiently engaging, but ultimately a hodge-podge construct blatantly ripped from Ringworld and Aliens, plus countless others. Granted I’m a cynical jaded gamer disappointed with the lack of design progress exhibited by the games industry over the years.

The game’s iconic protagonist, the Master Chief, whose identity remains obscured, is a stroke of brilliance. We desire to know the Master Chief’s identity, yet his obscurity serves gaming perfectly as the Master Chief becomes synonymous with the player. Overall HALO does manage to hit the right note where others haven’t and has subsequently become the Star Wars of gaming. This of course aided by a marketing campaign for HALO 3 that is more reminiscent of Nike than Microsoft. As highlighted by the following commercials spearheaded by Agency McCann, San Francisco.

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The last five years have seen a steady increase in well designed animated transformations, culminating of late in the blockbuster movie Transformers and even ranging to individual efforts, notably Ssasumind’s Maxwell rendered cell phone to mech transformation.

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The Fall

Upper echelon commercial & music video director Tarsem, renowned for his striking visual sense, last year completed his second ambitious feature film, The Fall. A self funded project shot in 24 countries, it debuted at the Toronto Film Festival and despite its visual splendor, was summarily dismissed by the few prominent critics in attendance.

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