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Road Work

Beth Kaltman and Jason Koxvold have occupations that frequently take them on the road. Beth, represented by such luminary modeling agencies as Ford Models. Jason, creative director at ad agency StrawberryFrog’s New York office.

This road work has facilitated their individual passion for high caliber photography.

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Djemaa El Fna

At the heart of Marrakech’s Medina resides Djemaa El Fna. A massive marketplace home to snake charmers, Barbary macaque handlers and endless stalls overflowing with oranges.

Motorcycles and donkey carts weave their way through dense crowds where sellers have staked out their territory. Offering everything from traditional medicines to a train like elliptical toy set, featuring George Bush atop a tank pursuing a mining cart bound Osama Bin Laden… Or is Bin Laden chasing Bush?

As the sun begins to set, rows of food stalls are quickly erected offering local tastes amidst an energetic setting where stall servers compete to usher in passer-bys.

Djemaa El Fna, a Square like no other.

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Alison Jackson Confidential Launches


Photographer Alison Jackson offers viewers an illusory glimpse of celebrities. Brilliantly choreographed scenes capture doppelgängers, from President Bush puzzled by a rubik’s cube to Paris Hilton’s days in prison. Images that reflect the current cultural Zeitgeist and society’s collective perceptions of famous figures, whilst placing them in an unmasked context.

“In the presence of the artist, TASCHEN New York will be hosting a book launch for Alison’s newest volume, entitled Confidential. Ms. Jackson will be on hand to sign copies of the brand new book and several of her look-alike models will also be lingering, reading to pose with fans in an almost-celebrity way. Copies are available to reserve in advance for those unable to attend.” This event will be held this Tuesday, November 27th from 7-9pm at 107 Greene Street, NYC.

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Sharad Haksar


The work of Chennai based photographer Sharad Haksar has already been popularized in numerous blogs. His ingenious cultural commentary and effortless transition between fine art and commercial photography deserves another mention.

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The Photographic Works of Kristopher Grunert

Kristopher Grunert

An excellent architectural, industrial and landscape photographer was recently brought to my attention. Kristopher Grunert’s photography blurs the line between commercial work and fine art. His rendition of modern industry and his careful consideration of compositional lines, atmosphere and lighting evoke the work of Charles Sheeler and Michael Kenna, with a distinct edge that borders on the cinematic.

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Jeff Wall Exhibition

jeff wall after invisible man the Prologue 1999?2000<br /> ralph ellison

Laden with intriguing subtext, Jeff Wall’s preconceived photographs capture modern life whilst referencing the history of art and literature.

The latest exhibit of photography’s “Painter of Modern Life”, will end its Chicago run in eleven days at the Art Institute. Originating earlier this year at MOMA New York, this traveling exhibition will conclude its tour at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art from October 27 through January 27, 2008.

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