Djemaa El Fna

At the heart of Marrakech’s Medina resides Djemaa El Fna. A massive marketplace home to snake charmers, Barbary macaque handlers and endless stalls overflowing with oranges.

Motorcycles and donkey carts weave their way through dense crowds where sellers have staked out their territory. Offering everything from traditional medicines to a train like elliptical toy set, featuring George Bush atop a tank pursuing a mining cart bound Osama Bin Laden… Or is Bin Laden chasing Bush?

As the sun begins to set, rows of food stalls are quickly erected offering local tastes amidst an energetic setting where stall servers compete to usher in passer-bys.

Djemaa El Fna, a Square like no other.

Photography by Oliver Zeller & Kim Fredericksen.