Fringe Architecture

This past Tuesday, Fox launched its first new drama series of the season, Fringe. The latest endeavor from Lost co-creator J.J. Abrams in collaboration with his former Alias cohorts, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman.

At the vanguard of fringe science is the corporation, Massive Dynamic. Its unique office interior recognizable as the Daniel Liebeskind designed Lee-Chin Crystal, extension to the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. Albeit here the angular facades are laced with stock ticker and motivational propaganda displays, integrated into the architecture so seamlessly that the source projection is entirely invisible.

Nanotube displays adhered to the walls or a latter generation light emitting concrete perhaps? Technologically still decades away, but these visual effects highlight the cutting edge nature of this fictional corporation.

Following the protagonist we arrive at an office, a massive space almost entirely devoid of furnishing except for a unique desk. Reminiscent of a scene from The Conformist set in the EUR building. Suitably evoking the millenarianist undertones of Massive Dynamic and Fringe’s central theme.