Road Work

Beth Kaltman and Jason Koxvold have occupations that frequently take them on the road. Beth, represented by such luminary modeling agencies as Ford Models. Jason, creative director at ad agency StrawberryFrog’s New York office.

This road work has facilitated their individual passion for high caliber photography.

The recently launched Beth Kaltman Photography houses a wide array of her impressionist photography.

While Jason Koxvold’s large format works including Detroit’s Freedom shitter is scattered across Flickr. Jason’s penchant for capturing abandoned urban landscapes and derelict architecture is reminiscent of Robert Polidori’s work and one adventure to Murmansk resulted in the FSB, formerly the KGB, taking him in for questioning. A story told in his memorable blog, The Arctic Mental.

Photos 1 - 4 Copyright Jason Koxvold.

Photos 5 - 7 Copyright Beth Kaltman.